Updates Coming Soon!

Ah, my wonderful peeps!

SO i apologize for the lack of updates, and want to assure you RcW was just on hold whilst i started my job (I’m back at the Fort) and got ready for Calgary Comic Expo! So i started back up on my pages again last weekend, and gee dangit, my computer that i do my inking on broke! (I ink on Easy Paint Tool Sai on a PC tablet and colour in PhotoShop on my mac with a cintiq) I would normally just go an ink it PS, but my line quality for inking is rubbish in PS compared to Sai, and I really want to deliver the best quality pages possible!

I have taken my tablet in for fixing, hopefully they will get back to me asap with a diagnostic, and worse comes to worse, if it’s too expensive to fix, I will go ahead and do the lines on the cintiq, while i save up for a new PC tablet. (they need to make sai (with pressure sensitivity for mac, seriously!)

SO, keep an eye out for updates! hopefully by mid-week next week I will have a new page up!

In the mean time, if you haven’t watched this you should… If you have, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it again.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Joani says:

    I am dying for an an update

  2. Natalie says:

    Joani! thanks so much for reading and checking in!! I have a page 99% done and will be posting it within the week or like, monday next week!

  3. Rampaging Koala says:

    A fellow Nature Walk fan!!! Yusss!!