I just want everyone to know that this was SUPER hard.  Every-Single-Entry was flipping amazing!  They were all so well thought-out and so creative! I had 4 judges and myself, and one of my judges even went and got feedback from her coworkers! Even they had a hard time choosing!

We judged entries based on over-all effect, not just “quality” per say, but the thought behind the entry, the creativity and the reactions we felt to each entry.

Again everyone that entered will be getting a .pdf of the final draft of Chapter 2!


Drumroll Please!

Metal by NatAsplund


1st Place!

My RcW Contest Entry! by Nanihoo  :iconnanihoo:

All of us really loved this.  Not only are the frames themselves extremely well done, but the emotion and the story and theme behind the image is so powerful!! Subtle details too, like Haunt in the background are great! The sequential work is also very well done!!



2nd Place

Redcoat West by lostie815   :iconlostie815:

We loved the character expressions in this! Like what is that expression on Jasper’s face suppose to be? Is he annoyed, is he subtly glad? We liked the slight mysteriousness of it!  The composition of the whole image is amazing!  And the background and lighting is absolutely beautiful!

3rd Place

Mary's Entry by NatAsplund  :icontvorcheskiy-ma:
This is so creative and funny!  Right after I wrote the entries journal I went and checked the mail and received the actual doll. HILARIOUS! The creativity of the doll itself is great! But the whole entry process with the parcel was amazing!! (go check the image for all the details)




SHARE DRAW :iconrainroad:

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