Contest End

So the contest has come to a close! 

It’s been a great turnout!  Thank you all who entered and shared!  I’m hoping to have the Chapter 1 Book for sale online within a week or two! Chapter 2 is in the process of being scripted and boarded out! Exciting!  I’m hoping to have it on a regular updating schedule by the end of the fall! 

I will be be going through entries and getting some other judges and should have the results for the contest by the end of this week or the beginning of next!

I want to thank EVERYONE for their amazing enteries! I’m so excited that RcW has such creative and talented fans!  You guys rock!  

As a thank you for entering, I will be sending you a final draft of the script for Chapter 2 to all those that submitted an entry!! So you will get a sneak peak for the next chapter! yay!

Thank you again! I hope you all have a great rest-of-your long weekend! 

IF! I have forgotten your entry PLEASE forgive me! I tried to get them all and may have missed it.  I tried to follow my notes/emails/and tags. 


(in no particular order)

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