In order of appearance.


Jaspericon Jasper McGregor

After his fiancé left him, Jasper signed up for the march west. Against his mother’s wishes, Jasper felt it would be a good way to take his mind off of his past. His father served in the army and so along with his references and good character he was quickly promoted to Corporal.


Jemicon Jemima “Jem” Hurst

Familiar with the history of Western Canada, Jem never thought she’d be stuck in it.  After a strange storm on her way home, Jem finds herself stuck in the 19th century Northwest Territories. Quite fiery and sarcastic, it’s no wonder she is frustrated with her situation!



Thundericon Running Thunder

On his way home from trading, Running Thunder happens upon a strange metal thing, which to his horror has a crazy woman trapped inside. Although he understands English, he has troubles speaking it, which does not help his situation. Luckily the Mounties are camped nearby.



Cambrookeicon Sergeant  Cambrooke

Poor Cambrooke often wonders if he’s getting too old for his job and why he deals with the things he does.  His peculiar encounter with Jem has him wondering if it’s about time for retirement. Previously a soldier in the East Indies, he joined the NWMP to have a little “down time”.



Sabastienicon Sebastien   Bartineau

Working years as an interpreter, Sabastien knows many Native dialects and is well known as a great frontiersman and guide.  He is Métis and hails from the Red River country, when he was young he left his parents to pursue adventure out west.  He now works with the NWMP.



Tinicon Martin “Tin” Ferris

The goof of the troop, Tin was born and raised in Western Manitoba, and is farm boy through and through.  He often teases and doesn’t seem to know his strength.  He and Lacy are often partnered up for assignments. It’s a good thing Lacy doesn’t seem to take Tin’s teasing to heart.



Lacyicon George Lacy

Lacy comes from a pampered upbringing, his mother was a french aristocrat from Montréal, his father was a wealthy businessman in Toronto. How did he end up in the middle of the Praires? His wife said it would be romantic, and he never fails to talk about her, much to Tin’s annoyance.



Samicon Samuel Banks

Little is known about Samuel Banks.  He’s been in the force almost as long as Jasper and the two have worked together since Sam joined. Sam has no interest in promotion.  He’s a good soldier and always does extra to get the job done because of this he is often sent out alone on scout duty.