Frequently Asked Questions

(FYI:I’ll be updating the FAQ quite often for a while.)

Are you still a rider at the Museum?
-No, unfortunately I had an accident my first year at work, and messed up my back and couldn’t ride my second year, I was still back-up rider though for my other three years. I have worked Gift Shop ’10, Admin Assistant ’11, Media Specialist ’12 and kind of a floater in ’13.
EDIT: as of 2015 I no longer work at the Fort Museum.

Is Jem suppose to be you?
-In short no.  Some of the story situations may have been influenced by personal experiences/conversations, and certain personality aspects. but in all… no. I wish I could be carried through a time portal to the Canadian Prairies in the late 19th century though, that would be pretty awesome.

How long does a page take to finish?
-A page can take anywhere from several hours to a few days, when I get working on them… The real trick is to actually get time to sit down and work, which is usually why my updates are so spread out and sporadic.

When are updates?
-hahaha, yaaa there’s no real set update schedule.  Because I worked a full time job that entails lots of overtime, as well as freelance, and living on a farm, I usually just work on pages when I get the chance. I try to post updates on my blog/dA/tumblr etc.  So if you watch me there you should be in the loop.

Where does RcW take place?
-the South-west part of the North West Territories in the 1880’s (it’s now known as Southern Alberta)

Is Fort Macleod a real place?
-Indeed it is! Fort Macleod was the first outpost of the NWMP after their march west, and was headquarters for a few years after the Barracks were built(1884) to replace the original log Fort(built in 1874). Now it is a town known for it’s Historic Main Street (it was used in “Brokeback Mountain”, “Passchendaele”, “The Young and Prodigious Spivet”, and “Interstellar”) And of course the Museum, and it’s amazing history, which in a way was a big part of Canada growing in the west. The town’s wiki is HERE.

Where can I get more information on the NWMP and Southern Alberta?
-I have lots of books I’ve researched and I’ve talked to lots of people. I plan on making a bibliography page on the site for references (books, films etc)! So look for that soon!