The Comic

Redcoat West is the story of a modern gal, Jemima Hurst, and her adventures in what is now Southern Alberta; a few years after the NWMP’s march west to abolish the whiskey-trade and “maintain the right” in the untouched Canadian West. There she meets a troop of officers out to capture a whiskey operation run by a dangerous, bootlegging gang. Trapped in the past, and the Mountie’s clueless (and unbelieving) as to her origin Jem is forced to follow along.

The idea for Redcoat West came, right before Natalie got her summer job, as a rider for the N.W.M.P Museum in Fort Macleod, the location of the Mountie’s first outpost after their march west. After her summer of working there in 2009, she felt that the NWMP did not get enough stories and fandom they deserved; so went about writing a story about them!


The Author

Natalie Asplund was born, raised, and currently lives in Southern Alberta, and had up until recently lived on the BC coast while in school. She draws things and can usually be seen at The Fort Museum working or volunteering and as a freelance artist whenever she can pick up work.

She has two horses Doc and Pepper, a barn cat named Jimmy and a dog named Jack!  In her spare time, Natalie enjoys reading, going riding with her sister, researching random history, watching movies and drawing.  Eating is awesome too… love eating.  She also finds writing in third person strange…

Natalie received her Multimedia diploma from Lethbridge College in 2010, and her Commercial Animation Diploma from Capilano University in 2012.

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Ramona Bighead and Carl Brave Rock for helping me with the Blackfoot translations!! It makes the comic 100x what it would’ve been! Also a thanks to the amazing Miranda Grol at the Fort Museum for always helping me with fun little researchings and nerding out about Fort Macleod history with me. Natalie has spent a lot of time researching history and story ideas, but could always use some advice, so if you have any historical or story-line advice or help PLEASE SHARE IT! Natalie’s very much in need of information on mainly the Blackfoot language, legends and beliefs, any info will help!

While basic events and history are (an attempt to be) correct, all characters and specific details are completely fictional.