2014 Chapter 1 Contest *Deadline Extension

***Please note that the deadline has been extended to August 31st, 2014


Alrighty ladies and gents! Finally the time has come! The Redcoat West contest to celebrate the printing of the first chapter!


-There is no theme, the contest entries may be whatever you like (pertaining to RcW). Examples could be: what if situations, time travel, cosplay, etc.

-Try to stay in character as much as possible (unless you have an ironic entry then go for it)

-The contest is open to ANYONE!

-Any media is allowed, this includes but not limited to: digital and traditional art, photography, costumes, prose,film, sculpture, plushy.

-Please submit entries via email to nat.asplund@gmail.com with the subject “RcW Contest”. Include your name, username, social media (dA, tumblr, etc.) and a link or attachment of your entry, and a quick description.

-If you post it online, please tag your entry with #rcwcontest2014

Please share this contest with your friends!


*Aug 31st, 2014 (midnight 12:00 GMT)


-Entries must not contain content that is a higher rating of 14A (PG13).

-Entries must be in by the deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS!

-In the unfortunate event that there are no entries, the prizes will be retained.

-RcW must be the main content of the entry.

-Multiple entries are allowed.


The part that everyone wants to know!

1stFirst Place:

-RcW Chapter 1 Book, signed. (in printing now)

-Jem & Haunt Print, signed.

-“The Wild Ride” by Charles Wilkins

-Smarties, Maple mints, and a Wunderbar

-Vancouver Olympics, Quachi stuffy

-RCMP Sgt. Blackberry keychain

-RCMP hand carved/painted pen

-4 vintage-inspired mountie postcards (with your choice of RcW character sketched on the backs)

-2 prismacolour markers

-4 RcW buttons (That Tin one is the last from my gradshow, I don’t even have one!!)

-one of my portfolio throwaway books from gradshow

-set of three NWMP/RNWMP/RCMP crest pins! (these are so cool!)

Second Place:

-3 RcW buttons2nd

-RCMP crest pin

-Vintage inspired RCMP postcard(with a sketch of your choice of RcW character on the back)

-prismacolour marker

-my portfolio throwaway from gradshow

3rdThird Place:

-3 RcW buttons

-Vintage inspired RCMP postcard with a sketch of your choice of RcW character on the back

-my portfolio throwaway from gradshow


If you share the contest here you will be entered to win one of the mountie & horse postcards with a RcW sketch on the back!!

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