RcW-Chpt 1 Pg 15

RcW-Chpt 1 Pg 15

SO this is like month late… not like it should be a surprise to anyone :I

The site crashed as well as my harddrive… right before i went on Holidays in Decemeber, so i was trying to get that all settled before i left… then when i came home right before new years, i was well on my way to finishing the page aaaaaand the horses busted into the hay and i had to fix a fence… or really build one… you want a challnege, try to dig post holes in the frozen Canadian ground with a manual post hole auger! NOT easy. Anyways, so i apologize, it’s late, but we are now low on hay, so it’s a pretty … not good thing… So apologies, I think some sort of unseen power is doing its best to stop me from updating regularly.

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    Nat!!!! Yay for the update! annnnd im soooooooooo wishing you were a robot and could put these out all in one day!!

  2. Natalie says:

    XD hahaha! So do I!! lol!!! Thanks for being so supportive Kayleigh!! :D it’s cool one of my irl friends likes my comic :I