RcW-Chpt 1 Pg 12

RcW-Chpt 1 Pg 12

finally an update!! i am so so so sorry to all my readers, for the long wait. I’m hoping now that school is done that i will be able to update regularly, although it might be a big rugged starting out, i’m hoping to get a page up at least once a week to at least every two weeks!

I want to give a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to Carl Brave rock and Ramona Bighead for the Blackfoot translations! They are phonetic, but omigosh i am so excited to actually have the language in my comic! :D yay!!

I have also got a wiki set up thanks to Maru! so i will try to work on that and get some info up!

thanks you guys so much for your support! I am also thinking of holding a contest on dA sometime soon, after we get near the end of the chapter. So just a heads up. You can still enter even if you aren’t on dA ( i will figure it out when it comes to it)


  1. Velincia says:

    It’s about time! I was beginning to become aggravated.