RcW-Chpt 2 Pg 24
January 25th, 2018

RcW-Chpt 2 Pg 24

New Page Next Week!

New update next Monday!!

New Page Next Monday!!

There will be a new page up on Nov 20th!!

But if you can’t wait donate $3 or more HERE on Patreon to see it now :D



Right. So quick update cause it’s been months.

I have about 10 pages finished! i am planning on doing about 5 more so I have a buffer, and at some point in January I’m hoping to set up a Patreon page to help me get going more with RcW and a handful of other projects. i’ve been unemployed in general for over a year now, so I try to get freelance work and odd-jobs to pay my bills, which doesn’t leave me too much free time. Whatever free time i have i’m mostly dedicating it to this RcW buffer! SO! watch for regular updates come the new year! :D

Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! :)

Late this week

The page is going to be a day or two late this week. We are renovating my parents living room and after being 70% done refinishing the hardwood floor, we’ve decided we have to redo it again(ugh). The page will be up this week though, I’m planning on within the next few days, so keep an eye out!

Updates Coming Soon!

Ah, my wonderful peeps!

SO i apologize for the lack of updates, and want to assure you RcW was just on hold whilst i started my job (I’m back at the Fort) and got ready for Calgary Comic Expo! So i started back up on my pages again last weekend, and gee dangit, my computer that i do my inking on broke! (I ink on Easy Paint Tool Sai on a PC tablet and colour in PhotoShop on my mac with a cintiq) I would normally just go an ink it PS, but my line quality for inking is rubbish in PS compared to Sai, and I really want to deliver the best quality pages possible!

I have taken my tablet in for fixing, hopefully they will get back to me asap with a diagnostic, and worse comes to worse, if it’s too expensive to fix, I will go ahead and do the lines on the cintiq, while i save up for a new PC tablet. (they need to make sai (with pressure sensitivity for mac, seriously!)

SO, keep an eye out for updates! hopefully by mid-week next week I will have a new page up!

In the mean time, if you haven’t watched this you should… If you have, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it again.